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  • Gaming
  • Biding
  • Lan Gaming

Gamer URL

There always needed to be a place for the players to showcase themselves to others and a place for teams and organizations to find these potential players.

Our mission is to provide a gateway for gamers to unlock their full potential. With GamerURL, gamers can showcase their skills, connect with other players, form teams, and get noticed by organizations looking for new talent. Join today and take the first step towards making gaming your career.

  • Security App
  • DNA Kit
  • Crime Prevention

Protech DNA

Protech DNA is based on the current booming technology which ensures in reducing thefts through our personal code embedded on our valuables with the help of law enforcement. The technology used in this process is DNA technology.

  • Housekeeping
  • Babysitters
  • Househelpers


SooEasy is the first platform for connecting individuals looking for housekeeping and babysitting services with top-quality independent service professionals.

It’s an online housekeeping service across Japan. It connects people with a community of qualified cleaning professionals for home, office or commercial cleaning. Robust user interface and multi-language helps the clients to avail services effortlessly.

  • Medical
  • Healthcare

Skilled Workman

One of our proficient development, Skilled Workman, helps the medical practitioner diagnose the disease, by stating the symptoms and find a cure. Skilled Workman primarily is focused on Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Nutritional Medicines and Herbal Dispen.

  • Online Education
  • Elearning
  • Online Tutoring

Teachers Australia

Find a teacher in accordance with your subject and preferences and start learning with ease. Learn from qualified teachers. Great opportunity for teachers as well to propagate education and earn well.

  • Housing
  • Property Renting


WorknStay assists you in finding a home, away from home. Register as a company, employee, or as a student and also invest smartly if you have a felicitous property, by engaging with tenants specifically. List out your properties, along with all the amenities you offer. Book a home in easy steps, with utmost transparency. Avail of the offers available on long-term stays.

  • Online portfolio Management
  • Financial Advisors
  • Equity Management

Smart Verc

Smart Verc is our recent mega launch, Website and App both. It is a financial advisory firm based on equity and stock exchange. They have different options for online portfolio management for different nature od needs.

  • JobPortal
  • Employment
  • Recruitment

Wink Hire

Time is money. We'll help you save both of these with Wink Hire, an innovative hiring platform for business professionals. Wink Hire helps conduct interviews with great ease, saving much valuable time. It's engine analyzes and filters relevant candidates and leaves you with the brew of perfect aspirants.