Business Development Manager

Experience: 6-9 Years

Job Description

  1. Engage with potential clients and leads to understand their requirements, answer queries, and provide additional information as needed.
  2. Collaborate with the sales and management teams to negotiate terms, pricing, and contract details to ensure a win-win outcome.
  3. Establish and maintain strong relationships with prospects to build trust and confidence in our services.
  4. Prepare detailed and accurate project proposals and contracts, ensuring they align with the clients' specific needs and expectations.
  5. Efficiently manage the deal closure process, including document preparation, approvals, and signatures.
  6. Address any objections or concerns raised by potential clients to resolve issues and foster a positive client experience.
  7. Maintain accurate records of lead interactions, track progress, and provide regular reports on deal closure activities to the management team.
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Persuasion Skill
  • Goal Oriented

A Bachelor's or Master’s degree

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