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Nyusoft has got an immense experience on latest trending model – Ecommerce and Marketplace Web and Mobile Apps Development.

AngularJS Development

AngularJS is an open source MVC javascript framework. It is a web development framework that is used especially to create a single page, cross platform application and front end as well. It is used not only for web development, but also for mobile application development. AngularJS makes it straightforward to create real time applications as it offers two-way data binding.

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at Nyusoft AngularJS development services

Nyusoft is a leading AngularJS development company. We offer latest, top quality and scalable AngularJS Web and Mobile application development services.

AngularJS custom Web and Mobile

Our expert developers deliver the best possible custom web and mobile solution.

Single Page Applications(SPA)

AngularJS is highly used where Single Page Application is in requirement.

Real-time Web and Mobile App using

Nyusoft provides a fully functional Real-Time chat web and Mobile apps built with AngularJS.

Compatibility for all browsers and devices

Nyusoft provides robust solutions with cross browser compatibility with AngularJS.

AngularJS Migration Services

Nyusoft offers specialist to migrate your AngularJS apps with another one and even to your desire server.

Plug-in Development

We can help your current AngularJS web and mobile apps with a custom plugin to reach your expectations.
Get in touch with the skilled Angular developer for custom AngularJS application.

Some Talk of Our Honorable Clients

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Very pleased with the result. I am very particular with what I like for the design aspects of my projects. Dhaval as always was very patient and professional with my many revisions and ultimately delivered a great clean looking logo for me.

Nathan Komorowski

Miami, QLD,Australia


Nyusoft thrives to accomplish the required outcome with ease in successfully completed projects related to Angular JS application.

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